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I am dedicated to assisting businesses in enhancing their operational efficiency by alleviating the burdens associated with administrative tasks

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By assuming responsibility for tasks, I enable business owners to concentrate on strategic aspects, while concurrently optimizing administrative processes for enhanced efficiency.

Continuous improvement

With every task I take on, I always look to see if the task can be more streamlined within the business improving both my efficiency and the business.

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Dawns Story

With over three decades of dedicated service in administration, I have cultivated a wealth of experience as a Personal Assistant (PA) and Executive Assistant (EA). Committed to professional development, I undertook extensive training to achieve a Level 3 certification in Business Administration and Management, demonstrating my commitment to excellence in organizational operations.

My expertise extends beyond traditional administrative roles, with a comprehensive skill set that includes Event Planning at Level 2 and proficiency in Lean Management. These qualifications underscore my versatility and ability to handle diverse responsibilities in order to optimize workflow and resource utilization.

Throughout my dynamic career, I’ve navigated through various industries, including the legal sector, engineering, education, National Health Service (NHS), local government, and trades, offering me a comprehensive understanding of distinct organizational needs. My experience in the medical field has further honed my ability to manage intricate and sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality.

This multifaceted background equips me with a unique perspective, allowing me to adapt seamlessly to different environments and industries. I am poised to leverage my extensive administrative experience and diverse skill set to contribute effectively to your organization’s success.

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My Philosophy

My aim is that you are completely satisfied with my services. That’s why I not only provide professional advice before you order; I am also there to help you afterwards, serving as a reliable support.

I pride myself on my efficient procedures and administration of my work, but I continually strive for improvement to deliver results more effectively

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Satisfying clients is my top priority. That’s why I believe in offering fair and transparent prices with no hidden fees or extra charges